This is an outstanding podcast. I don't really use make up but the people are so interesting and entertaining. I look forward to each episode. Keep it going Tiffany

This podcast has the best guests- I'm not in the industry but I still love hearing all the behind-the-scenes stuff! All my favorite shows and movies are featured on here- I had no idea how hard some of these look are to create!

I love it because it's mine!

Great podcast!! Listen now!

I learn something new every episode. This podcast is so fun and engaging.

Excellent show!

Keep the great content coming!

Really cool and fascinating

Great behind the scenes conversations about the world of professional makeup! The stories and conversations are compelling.


Awesome insider's look into the life of a makeup artist.

Feeds my closet make-up junkie...

I loved this peek behind the curtain. I've loved make-up since I was a little girl and even though I no longer where it as often as I would like, I do admire the artistry behind these films and magazine shoots. Loved the episode with Gina Brooke!

Very Cool Podcast!

So much fun listening to these insider views into the makeup world. It's really interesting to hear about the stories and artistic expression that goes into the looks.

Umm yes!

Okay so I love everything about this. I love hearing about the behind the scenes of everything and seeing how things came together. Will definitely be recommending this to my friends!


Who knew makeup could be so much fun! I love listening to every interview and the career path everyone took to get to where they are today. My favorite episode was 16 with Mario!


I know nothing about this world and loved dropping into the art and story of Lena Koro, and learning so much about the path of this artistry. Thank you for this fun, information and magical peek into this world!

Deeper than just the look!

As much as this podcast is about “the look” with interesting interviews with people who are experts in glam, every time I listen, I gain perspective on being confident from the inside out, regardless of looks! I love this podcast and the host Tiffany is awesome and on point every time!


This is such a FUN and enjoyable show!! I’m not one to have ever been into makeup but I do love hearing all about the looks and how they truly come about! Tiffany has one of the best voices I’ve listened to! Such an enjoyable pod!

Fun and Entertaining

Love the energy on this podcast!!!. Tiffany does any amazing job with making their guest feel conformable but also asking questions in which you get to really know their guest.

Brilliant, fun and fantastic!

I love this pod! Tiffany has an amazing voice. So smooth, smart and interesting. I don’t know much about makeup, and I learn and love every new episode! Love the guests. I hope it’s a TV show soon. Subscribe! It’s great!!!

Such a fun behind the scenes Podcast!!

We all know those flawles looks takes hours but to hear how they are actually created by the makeup artists themselves so much fun!! Keep up the great work Tiffany!! ❤️

Awesome vantage point

What a fun podcast! I absolutely love going behind the scenes of Hollywood with Tiffany to learn more about the industry and the artists who create what we see. It makes it all seem so much more real.


Wow. So well produced and such interesting conversations. The art is centered here and it’s held so beautifully. Really honored to have this collection to return to to be inspired.

Makeup Newbie

I’m not at all familiar with the world of makeup, and I have to say I really enjoyed this podcast. I learned so much. It’s about so much more than makeup, while still centering it as the art it is. I’ll be back for sure!

Fascinating look behind the Fashions and more

I have always been a fan of the costumes/make up and overall celebrity looks. I knew that a lot went into the looks but have a much deeper awareness. It is so fun and a great escape.

Fascinating Fashion

Tiffany brings beauty from the screen to our ears. It's fascinating to hear the behind the scenes stories of those in the fashion and beauty industry.

Love the look behind the look

I love the story behind how Lisa got into being a makeup artist. It was funny that she was using the makeup as a child just to draw until someone showed her that she could do that on faces as a job.

Amazing guests!

Tiffany brings on amazing guests that stun me every time I listen.

Such a fun podcast topic!

Love the focus and sound of this podcast!

Such a cool look behind the scenes

I love Tiffany’s behind-the-scenes perspective. I learned a ton about things I’d never considered, and the guests are so much fun!


Great deep dives into the stories from behind the scenes!

Amazing interviews

I am a huge beauty and entertainment junkie. Love getting all this industry information and options

Loving this behind the scenes!

Love the BTS look at celebrities and productions and Hollywood life! It’s fun to learn about some of your favorite figures without feeling like you’re just buying a gossip magazine. Tiffany does a great job!

Great show for beauty lovers!

Fantastic show for anyone who loves beauty, and make up!!