Aug. 5, 2022

S3 | Ep 2: Make Yourself at Holmes with The Dropout’s Makeup Department Head, Jorjee Douglass

Elizabeth Holmes might have made promises to the medical community she couldn’t keep, but my conversation with Jorjee Douglass exceeded expectations. The Dropout’s Makeup Department Head takes us behind the scenes (and behind the prosthetics) that made each character in the Hulu miniseries so iconic. From red lips to blue lights, Jorjee shares camera and color tricks that illuminated one of today’s most controversial figures.

1:10 —Dropping in on The Dropout: Early roadblocks in creating and filming The Dropout

8:05 — Too Pretty for TV: How Amanda Seyfried’s beauty made the character less believable

14:14 — Holmes Away From Holmes: How the iconic actors decided to embody their roles

21:55 — Chasing the Red Lip: Turning a controversial CEO into an alluring character

29:16 — I’m With the Band: Styling iconic musicians and transitioning into makeup

33:50 — Diversity on set: How the team working on set reflects border industry changes

YouTube Timeclips:

0:00 — Intro

1:05 – Jorjee Introduction

14:14 — Segment: Becoming Holmes

23:55 — Segment: Loving Controversial Characters

29:16 — Segment: Jorjee’s early career

32:05 — Segment: Filming Challenges

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