April 6, 2023

S3 | Ep. 24 #scandoval comes to LBTL with Ariana Madix's Make-up artist, Jared Lipscomb and special co-host, Katie Walder

**GUILTY PLEASURE ALERT! Only visit this episode if you are willing to admit to yourself that you devour episodes of Vanderpump Rules...

It was the shot heard around the world- the announcement of the most talked about scandal in recent pop culture history. The betrayal of the beloved reality television star Ariana Madix by way of an affair between her long-time partner Tom Sandoval and her close friend Raquel Leviss. Known as #Scandoval this brought all eyes to Vanderpump Rules. As longtime fans who devour every episode, my friend and actress Katie Walder (you know Katie from shows like Gilmore Girls, Mad Men, and How I Met Your Mother) and I decided we need to do an episode with makeup artist Jared Lipscomb. Jared is a makeup artist who, among his many talents, works often with the cast of Vanderpump Rules and is a dear friend to Ariana.

We talk about how tricky the balance can be between client and friend and what it was like being in the room as Ariana Madix prepared herself for the upcoming Vanderpump Reunion which will surely be the Reality TV Superbowl. Jared is also a cancer survivor. Katie and I speak to him about his health journey and he tells us about the amazing organization, Be The Match which can help you to save someone's life.

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BE THE MATCH https://bethematch.org/

Jared's IG https://www.instagram.com/jaredlips/

Katie's IG https://www.instagram.com/iamkatiewalder/

Time Codes –

4:37 Reality TV make-up

5:35 Jared’s origin story

8:42 How he got the call for VP!

10:03 The Reunion Show 10:34 “I’m in”

12:03 No HMU on girl’s trips to Mexico?!

13:10 Ariana!

14:00 “We never know the lighting”

15:00 Private make-up artists vs. BRAVO artists

15:40 BRAVO don’t pay!

15:59 Reunion ‘looks’

17:30 True contour vs. bronzer

18:29 Red carpet vibes find their way into Reunion Shows

19:20 The Fans

20:30“Where were you when you found out about #scandoval ?”

21:30 Jared's battle with leukemia

26:00 Neutral? Or take sides?

28:00 ‘Witches of Weho” and Stassi

30:30 Viral F.U. video

41:20 the DRESS!

41:45 Reunion FACE

48:00 Best powder for Reunion Shows

49:30 Lisa V’s look

50:30 1-800- BOYS LIE

52:30 Jared’s health journey


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Jared Lipscomb

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