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Theo Kogan. Punk Rocker, entrepreneur, makeup artist, model, actress and mom. There is no "former" in any of these labels, she is all of these at any given time. In today's episode, we talk about Theo's Iconic band The Lunachicks and their new book, Fallopian Rhapsody (get it here https://amzn.to/3v1fBly ), written with Jeanne Fury and available everywhere from Hachette. Keeping with the element of surprise, Theo's daughter, Lucy, joins us to talk about her own band (!) and lets us know about her IG page, Food Disorder. Join me while I chat with the coolest woman in New York, celebrate the new book and The Lunachicks' upcoming show, and learn more about Theo in this new article from Vogue for an even deeper dive.