Feb. 19, 2022

Ep 16 | S2: Alessandro Bertolazzi & Sian Miller talk Cyrano, the BAFTAs, and a volcano that created a makeup look!

This week I sat with (should I say zoomed with?) Oscar award winner Alessandro Bertolazzi and BAFTA nominated Sian Miller.  This is the duo  behind the epic 18th century looks in the film Cyrano which finally will be coming to theaters Feb 25.  In this interview Sian and Alessandro tell me about their Baroque Bubble that kept production going through the height of COVID, of a volcano that contributed to Alessandro's makeup looks, and as commonly discussed by the greatest artists, it's never about the awards, but about the integrity of the  work.  Both are nominated for the BAFTA this year for their work in Cyrano and when you see the film, you will understand why.

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