Feb. 19, 2023

S3 | Ep. 20 Grishan Roof Talks The Birth of Depot Chopra, and How Simplifying Your Beauty is Key

You know Grishan Roof as the woman behind all those satisfying videos of makeup depotting, making your kit tremendously lighter, more manageable and much prettier to look at.  Listen in the episode as Grishan tells me how Depot Chopra was born, and how she  thrived during COVID.  Grishan becomes emotional as she recounts what  the belief and support of her fellow makeup artists like Fiona Stiles meant to her as her business was getting started.  Learn everything you  need to know about what she does, how she does it and how she can help  you with your business too.

Grishan's IG https://www.instagram.com/depotchopra/

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Grishan Roof Depot ChopraProfile Photo

Grishan Roof Depot Chopra

Owner Depot Chopra

Grishan Roof is the foremost expert in makeup depotting, kit curation and all things makeup organization.

Her talent, passion and breadth of experience are second to none in creating solutions hair and makeup artists need for the challenges of their dynamic careers.

Her dedication to helping people and changing lives has made her the go-to industry resource for artists and has led to an impressive and growing client list of A-list artists.

Grishan is thrilled to share the Depot Chopra Method with her clientele. Be on the lookout for new makeup organization products and services in 2023.