Aug. 14, 2021

Episode 1 | Season 2: Lawrence Davis Talks Jennifer Hudson and RESPECT

I'm thrilled to kick off Season 2 with a look into the work of the tremendously talented and incredibly humble Lawrence Davis.  His latest project, RESPECT, is in theaters as we speak, so please go see it to truly enjoy Jennifer Hudson as Aretha Franklin and also to bask in the  work of hair magician, Lawrence Davis.  He also shares with me the incredible story of what brought his career to fruition and set him on  the path of what would become the department head for shows like Claws,  Watchmen, The Underground Railroad, Mare of Easttown, and the upcoming Mothership (Netflix).

Lawrence joined me literally in between takes while working on Mothership for Netflix, so please enjoy our chat and please forgive any audio challenges - I apologize in advance but I did steal time in the makeup trailer and we had a slight audio challenge so I recommend watching this episode on youtube if you can!


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Lawrence Davis

Hair Artist

From IMDb
Lawrence Davis, a native of Baltimore Maryland, hit the Entertainment scene in July of 2001, and hit it hard. After styling hair for 11 years in his hometown, he sold it all, moved to California, and never looked back. After looking at fashion magazines, television, and movies saying, "I can do that," he made it happen. Once establishing himself as a freelance hairstylist in Hollywood, he knew it would pay off.

Working for E! Entertainment Television since 2002 has opened numerous doors. His next goal was to become a union hairstylist in Hollywood, which he did in 2005. Lawrence came on board The Tyra Show in season one, and landed an Emmy award for Outstanding Achievement in hairstyling for daytime television in season two.

Positive thinking and great networking has been the key to his success. He has styled for numerous clients for movies, commercials, TV shows, ad campaigns and editorials including Instyle, Essence, Harpers Bazaar, Self, Newsweek to name a few. Making people look beautiful. Makes Lawrence feel good and he loves what he does...