July 13, 2021

Episode 30: Keith Barraclough & Kate Lorenz | The Redhead Project

In Episode 30, we are talking to the photographer Keith Barraclough and his partner, Kate Lorenz.  Keith is a well-known photographer living in NY and you may have heard of their innovative endeavor, The Redhead Project.  It's been featured on CNN, and in Vanity Fair, and is indeed fascinating.  Keith has photographed over 500 redheads, capturing each of their unique personalities in a grand fashion.  In this episode, you will hear all about how it came to be, and where it is headed, as well as a detailed look into many of the shoots.  Enjoy and remember to follow the project and find out more on IG https://www.instagram.com/redhead.project/ and https://www.instagram.com/redhead.project.virtual/ or go to the website HERE.

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Keith Barraclough Profile Photo

Keith Barraclough


New York-based commercial advertising and editorial portrait photographer.

Kate Lorenz Profile Photo

Kate Lorenz

Kate Lorenz is co-creator of The Redhead Project and The Redhead Project Virtual and business partner of NYC-based photographer Keith Barraclough.