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Angelique Velez

Makeup Artist, CEO and Founder of Breakups2Makeup

Breakups to Makeup launched in June 2013 to spread the message that makeup is more than just a product but also a form of art. Makeup serves as a creative outlet to those applying, and livens the spirits of those wearing it.

From quirky products to empowering t-shirt slogans, Breakups to Makeup is more than just a brand, it is the possibility that no matter what happens you can chin-up and meet the horizon with direct gaze.

Breakups to Makeup stays on the forefront of fashion, accessories, and beauty with fun collections and new quirky sayings that launch seasonally. The products are not only popular to those interested in makeup, but for the fashion and accessory lover as well. Breakups to Makeup serves as a staple for self-expression.

To the person whose heart was broken and buried themselves in the darkest of places, to the cancer patient who has lost all her hair yet finds comfort in that perfect shade of lipstick, to the person who has a genuine love for makeup; Breakups to Makeup is for you.

Breakups to Makeup is the brainchild of accomplished makeup artist and professional educator Angelique Velez, whose knack for applying makeup turned into a passion and creative outlet. Her most life-altering decisions and impactful experiences culminate in this one artistic campaign intended to spread the message that makeup is far more than just mere face paint.

“As makeup artists, makeup is our form of art. It is our outlet and our release. No matter what we are going through in life it is the reason why we get out of bed. Makeup is a true form of art that let’s us not only express ourselves, but also makes others happy,” says Breakups to Makeup founder Angelique Velez.

“Personally, going through difficult times in my own life (ahem, a breakup), makeup literally saved me and served as my outlet to devote my time and energy. Many people don't understand that makeup to us is not "just" a product, but our creative outlet. I wanted to spread this message in a quirky way, hence the birth of B2M.”

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