March 31, 2023

S3 | Ep. 23: Emmy Nominated Make-Up Artist, Angie Wells, is back again to talk about her NAACP Image Award Nomination, and her new jazz album, Truth Be Told.

I brought Emmy Nominated Makeup Artist Angie Wells back onto the show for the second time this week because we wanted to celebrate the release of her new album Truth Be Told  and to talk about her NAACP Image Award Nomination for her work as makeup department head on Disney+ 's Cheaper By The Dozen and Season 2 of Amazon Prime's Hunters.  Enjoy our talk about balancing a career that involves two passions and a family and for more about Angie's work head to our episode about her phenomenal work as makeup department head on Promising Young Woman.

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*4:00 - 13 People Prepped

4:45 - Working in Covid

6:33 - Picking the Team

7:16 - Red Carpet Rain-Out

8:58 - Marsai Martin

9:44 - Yara Shahidi and Pride for the Kids

10:21 - Dion Cole

*11:24 - “Truth Be Told” 

12:45 - Anchorman Flutist


15:37 - Touring Torrence 4/07

16:27 - Makeup Artist or Singer?

18:28 - Encouraging Children

20:21 - Current Projects

22:17 - Methods to Grittiness

26:43 - Achieving a non-stereotypical look

30:47 - On-The-Job Essentials

31:58 - On Landlines

32:05 - Recommendations Resumed

35:51 - What to Bring?

37:11 - Advice from Angie

38:58 - Be Serious

40:11 - Find what Interests You


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Angie Wells

Makeup Artist

Angie Wells was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. Her father James was an Army Veteran and owned a barber shop and her mother Elaine was a Air Force veteran who worked for the courts. As a teenager she was a fashion model and ran track as a sprinter in high school: when she came out to Los Angeles to compete in the NCAA finals, she knew this was where she wanted to live. Angie attended Philadelphia University and graduated with a BS in business and marketing. After a stint in corporate life as a trainer and lecturer, she worked as an exclusive personal hair stylist/makeup artist and then decided to follow her dual passions of makeup and Jazz & Blues singing to the West Coast in 1998. She got her film and TV makeup legs training with legendary makeup artist Marvin Westmore at his academy in Burbank, CA.

Immediately thereafter in 1999, Angie interviewed with Director Roy Campanella II for his slate of MOW's based upon the Arabesque YA-book series. He and producer Michael Beugg knew that her unique combination of business skills and artistic attention to detail made her the perfect department head for their twelve-MOW-slate. SInce then Angie has successfully department headed many films and TV shows and worked with some of the most famous directors and A-list actors in Hollywood, Europe and New York City, including nearly 100 episodes of the hit show Black-ish(2014-2018).

She has been nominated for Emmys twice and for a MUAH award as well. But Angie Wells' breakthrough to one of the most sought after period makeup designers came when Director Dee Rees asked her to design and manage the makeup for Mudbound(2017) followed by Harriet(2019) for director Kasi Lemmons. Angie lives in West Los Angeles with her husband and teenage son.