Sept. 1, 2022

S3 | Ep. 5: Hot on the Tracks with Bullet Train’s Costume Designer Sarah Evelyn Bram

In an episode and (movie!) that you can’t miss, Costume Designer Sarah Evelyn Bram shares her creative vision that brought Brad Pitt. Bad Bunny, and Joey King’s characters and costumes to life in Bullet Train. Sarah talks about the team it took to create each costume and how supply chain shortages caused a scramble behind the scenes. Sarah also discusses her unique career path, from being drawn to arts and design to now becoming a costume designer for one of this year’s most anticipated releases.


5:25  — Vintage Heroes & Zen Masters: Creating Brad Pitt’s newest hero character and world

9:25 — Bullet Speed: Catalyzing a creative process to keep up with the filming schedule

17:50 — Do Or Dye: Outfit continuity challenges and special effects that make characters pop

20:10 — Arts & Paths: An artistic background bolstered Sarah’s path to becoming a costume designer


0:00 — Episode Intro

1:25 — Bullet Train Clip

2:13 — Behind Bullet Trains Costumes

20:10 — Sarah’s Career

26:00 — Final Look

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Sarah Evelyn Bram

Costume Designer