March 31, 2022

Ep 20 | S2: Cowboy Bebop Costume Designer Jane Holland Talks About What Happens When Your Show Gets Cancelled Abruptly?

A delightful conversation with New Zealand's own costume designer, Jane Holland, where she opens up about the intense craftsmanship that went into Spike Spiegel's (actor John Cho's) iconic blue suit in Cowboy Bebop - the tailoring, influences from the graphic novel, the gorgeous lining only actor John Cho knew about, and a secret 'easter egg' of sorts: handmade buttons with a water symbol - all part of a legacy costume (one the character wears the whole project!).  Also, the hundreds of versions that were made of the blue suit for all the action sequences.  Jane discusses the heartbreak of the shows sudden cancellation by Netflix after creating an entire studio workshop for the characters' intricate wardrobe.  Jane discusses throwing herself into projects and how if you don't go all in, you aren't taking a risk, so NO REGRETS.  From her beginnings working on Jane Campion's Oscar-winning The Piano to Xena: Warrior Princess, Jane sings the praises of New Zealand's tightly knit and vital film community as well as her recent colabs with her son!  

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