Dec. 7, 2022

S3 | EP. 12 Ellen Arden Tells Me How To "Do Revenge" and Become a Marvel "Werewolf By Night"

Ellen Arden is a makeup department head who knows her way around a  Marvel Studio... and a Netflix Studio.  She can make Maya Hawke look glamorous and execute editorial trends on Camela Mendes in Do Revenge on Netflix, and then create terrifying looks on the otherwise adorable Gael García Bernal in Werewolf By Night.  Listen as she breaks down her most memorable creations and takes me through her career and the unexpected twists and turns she took to arrive in the makeup trailer of the biggest studios and networks in the industry.

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Ellen Arden

Makeup Artist

Ellen Arden is Journeyman Makeup Artist specializing in Film, Television, and Celebrity Makeups. With nearly 20 years of Film and Television experience Ellen has worked on an array of genres and filming formats. Her most recent work includes the upcoming Werewolf By Night (Marvel Studios), Do Revenge (Netflix) and the 20th Century Fox Fear Street trilogy.

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