March 28, 2023

S3 | Ep. 22: Costume Designer Avery Plewes Takes Over Ghostface and the Beloved Franchise in Scream VI. She Talks Cloaks, Glitter, and that Crazy Subway Scene.

I had a great time talking to Avery Plewes about the huge responsibility she carried by costume designing Scream VI.  Entering this beloved franchise and grabbing Ghostface by the... well... face, she conquered a huge job of ensuring the fans felt appreciated and the beloved installments were respectfully honored. Listen to how she assembled the museum with her team, and helped to make Gale Weathers look the best she's ever looked (IMHO).


5:57 - Finding Replacement Clothing

7:15 - Rewatching the Scream Movies

7:42 - Scream Fanbase Encyclopedia

8:30 - Replication Trials

9:39 - Fossilization through Production Design

10:37 - On the Masks

11:47 - Step-Mother for the Scream Franchise

12:34 - Broken Dolls

14:10 - Malleable Making

15:17- Subway Scene

16:12 - Halloween

17:47 - References References References!

19:37 - Cloaks

20:02- Glitter

22:05- Timeless Fashion

23:38-Courteney Cox/Gale Weathers Appreciation

25:38 - Beginning a Career in Costumes

28:12 - Designing in a Contemporary Time

30:14- Advice

31:53 - Be a Sponge

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Avery Plewes

Costume Designer

Avery is an award winning and critically acclaimed Costume Designer, Illustrator, and Consultant. She is a member of The Costume Designers Guild of America and the IATSE Local 873. Avery is represented internationally by Worldwide Production Agency.