Aug. 12, 2022

S3 | Ep. 3: Behind the Upside Down with Stranger Things’ Makeup Department Heads, Devin Morales and Amy L. Forsythe

Stranger Things is one of the most iconic shows in Netflix history, largely due to the creative brain power behind bringing each character’s look to life. Stranger Things’ Emmy Nominated Makeup Department Heads Devin Morales and Amy L. Forsythe talk about testing out different looks, from creating the perfect blue eye shadow to red nosebleeds, and staying true to the decade’s trends. Plus, they take us behind their experience filming overseas during the pandemic, interacting with fans who recreate character looks, and a special brand partnership with MAC Cosmetics.  By the way- This Episode is best viewed on the YouTube Channel so make sure you head to so you can see all the BTS images from Amy and Devin's Instagram.

Amy L. Forsythe's IG

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Stranger Things MAC Collection

3:07 — Behind the Upside Down: How an indie project turned into one of Netflix’s biggest hits

9:25 — 80’s Revival: Drawing inspiration from the 1980’s most iconic trends and characters

14:20 — Russian and Halting: How the pandemic delayed filming overseas storylines

17:10 — There Will Be Blood: Cuts, scrapes, and bat bites, oh my!

21:40 — I’m with the Fans: How the show’s looks inspired costumes, tattoos, and more

23:30 — Skin Deep: Even the cast’s breakout stars get acne breakouts as teenagers

28:40 — Welcome to the 50’s: Recreating recreated era looks after pandemic halts

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