Oct. 28, 2022

S3 | Ep. 10: Orphan: First Kill’s Makeup Designer Doug Morrow and Actress Isabelle Fuhrman talk aging backwards with Esther

Things are looking spooky! Channel the spirit of Halloween with Orphan: First Kill’s Makeup Designer Doug Morrow and actress Isabelle Fuhrman, who plays Esther - the child killer -  in this prequel to the cult horror hit. In this episode, Doug and Isabelle share what it was like filming Orphan: First Kill during the pandemic, the different techniques used to make Isabelle appear much younger, and how fans can recreate the main character Esther’s costume for Halloween this year.

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8:00 — The Age of Infection: filming during the pandemic

10:04 — Orphan Life: A look behind the scene of life on set

16:54  — Lights, camera, contour: how light, makeup, and technique can influence age

19:30 — Prosthetic Pros: how imprint helps makeup artists sculpt and create prosthetics

21:45 — From Kills to Prequels: The idea behind the prequel for Orphan: First Kill


0:00 — Intro: Meet Doug Morrow and Isabelle Fuhrman

4:10 — Isabelle aging backward

5:10 — Doug’s makeup secrets

8:00 — Filming during COVID-19

10:04 — Life on set

21:45 — Behind the prequel

30:00 — Filming the sequel

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Doug Morrow

Serving the movie industry since 1991, I'm involved with almost every aspect of creative makeup. From beauty and character to puppets and prosthetics.

I credit my mentors for fueling this great passion and for teaching me the most important thing about movie makeup; learn to not only be a great character/prosthetic artist but to be a great beauty/straight makeup artist as well.

Character Illusions Inc. is a full-service makeup studio providing prosthetic character makeup creations, special makeup effects including blood effects, dummy heads and bodies.

Isabelle FuhrmanProfile Photo

Isabelle Fuhrman


Isabelle broke into the film industry when she played the iconic character of Esther in Warner Brother's ORPHAN at the age of 10. Fuhrman was hailed by critics for what became known as, "one of the most momentous examples of acting from a child performer in years." She went on to win the role of Clove in The Hunger Games, the big-screen adaptation of Suzanne Collin's literary sensation of the same name. The Hunger Games went on to become one of the highest-grossing movies ever with over $407 million at the domestic box office.

Fuhrman balanced her acting career while starring in Showtime's Master's of Sex while working on numerous films as well attending the prestigious Buckley School in Los Angeles, CA, The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art Shakespeare & Contemporary courses, as well as Stanford University's EPGY OHS program until graduating in 2015.

Most recently Fuhrman was awarded the Best Actress in a US Narrative Feature at the 2021 Tribeca Film Festival for her "explosive" performance in Lauren Hadaway's directorial debut (which also won Best US Narrative Feature at Tribeca 2021) THE NOVICE. Isabelle's performance and the film have summoned critical acclaim and awards buzz.

Fuhrman started her own production company WHAT IF ? Productions in 2019 and has been writing and developing her own projects.