Aug. 19, 2022

S3 | Ep. 4: Franchise to Family w/Black-ish’s Hair Team: Barber Stacey Morris, and Nena Ross Davis

No matter if it’s current trends or timeless looks, Black-ish’s Hairstylist & Barber Stacey Morris and Hair & Celebrity Stylist and Department Head, Nena Ross Davis have created all the looks you love to see on TV. Stacey and Nena have been the creative geniuses behind some of TV’s greatest stylings, including Scandal, Law & Order, and of course, Black-ish. Stacey has worked behind the scenes on the groundbreaking show since season 1, And here, she and Nena talk about how their creative direction evolved with each of the character’s development, the actor’s style, current trends, and the ever-rising popularity of the hit TV show you’ve loved to watch for 8 seasons. They share behind-the-scenes stories you need to know about famous guest stars, balancing multiple projects, bringing creative visions to life, and getting ahead in an ever-competitive industry.  --- 

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Stacey MorrisProfile Photo

Stacey Morris

Anthony Anderson’s Personal Hairstylist & Lead Men’s Barber

Stacey Morris, who does business under the pseudonym Stacey Kutz, is oftentimes referred to as the “Stylist to the Stars” Stacey spent most of her early youth in New York City, where she was born. As a child she lived an eventful and colorful life. In hind sight, the energies surrounding her then, molded the path to her present career and sui generis position as a Barber-Stylist.

For the last thirty plus years, Stacey has been an established Barber-Stylist based in Los Angeles catering to the demands of high profile clientele that spans across the music, sports, television and film industries worldwide. Her current status, although requiring considerable effort at times, has been extraordinarily exciting and rewarding.

Growing up, Stacey’s interests were shaped by her immediate surroundings. Stacey’s Maternal grandfather was a barber for more than sixty-eight years. He blazed a trail at the age of seventeen; opening the first barbershop to be both owned and operated by an African American in Gordon heights, Long island. In addition, her mother, was a successful model and fashion designer. Thus, Stacey was directly exposed to the extravagant world of high fashion. Stacey’s paternal grandfather, was a tailor, ironically “cutting” his way through life. Her late biological father was a progressive music producer/songwriter of many familiar song productions, and her stepfather, from her mothers early second marriage, is a retired record company executive who worked for RCA, Solar and Warner Brothers records. All of these factors quickly acquainted Stacey with being in the company of A-list celebrities and instilled in her a natural eye for style.

Early on, Stacey’s process of discovery involved happy accidents and experimentation while cutting her younger brothers hair. These experiences revealed that the young Stacey had an irrefutable talent. Her art quickly blossomed as requests from many of the celebrities who frequented her household poured in. Soon, Stacey’s barbering skills had an unparalleled reputation! The result of a interrelated equation.

Stacey became the personal barber for familiar names like Kid-n-Play, Teddy Riley and Guy, New Edition, Doug E Fresh, Kwame, Mike Tyson, Martin Lawrence and Will Smith. These professional relationships mushroomed into a even greater demand for her services. In addition to those previously listed, Stacey soon became the barber for other A-list clientele such as Eddie Murphy, Heavy D, Puffy, Sean and Marlon Wayans, Jaimie Foxx, Riddick Bowe, The Roc, Kobe Bryant and Dwayne Wade. Since then, Stacey’s demand and career has only continued to grow.

In 2020, Stacey was Oscar shortlisted and nominated for a Critics Choice Award for her works on the film Dolemite. Over the years Stacey’s accolades include six Emmy and seven Guild Award MUAHS nominations, with two of those seven nominations turning out a win. Stacey was an honoree for the 2020 Hollywood Beauty Awards, 11th annual Hamilton Behind the Camera Awards and also won the 2021 American Influencer Award for Barber Influencer of the year. Most recently, Stacey was Co-Department Head for the sequel, Coming 2 America which earned her a Oscar nomination recognizing her Afro-Punk inspired hairstyles created for the film.

Currently, she is the backup barber for Will Smith and the personal Barber-Stylist for Eddie Murphy, Anthony Anderson, Lil Nas X, Alfonso Ribeiro, Marcus Scribner, Miles Brown, Method Man, Brian White, Columbus Short, Brandon T. Jackson, Derek Luke, Anthony Mackie and many more. Stacey has been the standing barber-stylist on countless productions including, but not limited to, the most current productions such as, Americas Funniest Videos, Black-ish, Grownish, The Voice, To Tell The Truth, Sylvies Love, King Richard, Dolemite and Coming 2 America. Due to her superb body of work, her styles executed on Dolemite are on exhibit for a year at the newly curated Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in Los Angeles California.

Stacey Kutz is the inspirational linchpin amongst her circle of preferred stylists and peers in the industry. Yet, even with her demanding schedule, Stacey still also provides house calls, regular in-salon service, in a private setting, where many up coming and typical patrons intermingle & dot her weekly appointment calendar-all while proactively raising her three beautiful daughters!

Needless to say, establishing a following, gaining union accreditation and maintaining a responsible reputation was no simple feat, but Stacey’s perseverance and dedication to honing her craft has paid off in many ways. Her 23 year membership in I.A.T.S.E. (international Alliance of Theatrical & Stage Entertainers) and more specifically to MUAHS, the Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist Guild, Local 706, is where she also serves her 2nd term as a executive board member. At the peak of the 2020 pandemic Stacey was one of the seven members of Local 706’s safety task force who co-authored the Make-Up and Hair Back-to-work Covid-19 Safety protocols for the industry to get back to work, consulting Governor Gavin Newsom during this venture. Those protocols have since been adopted across the U.S. and Canadian television industries.
Broadening her talents, in all things hair industry connected, Stacey associate produced the talent portion of the 2021 MUAHS Guild Awards star-studded gala, honoring the outstanding achievements for make-up artists, hair stylists and on camera celebrity talent in motion pictures, television, commercials, and live theater. These investments attest to her full commitment and devotion to her craft.

Stacey remains dedicated to excellence by shaping the perspectives of appearances on and off the big screen, beyond the highest standards of fashion, trend and grooming. Represented by Alicia DeAnda of First Team Management, vital energy and order are contributed to Stacey’s success. Stacey Kutz is truly a top-tier artisan.

Nena Ross Davis

Hair Department Head

Nena Ross Davis is a celebrity hairstylist with more than 20 years of experience in the hair and entertainment industries. She recently received her second Emmy nomination for Outstanding Contemporary Hairstyling as the Hair Department Head of ABC's Black-ish, Season 8.

Her work can be seen across a wide range of programming. She served as department head for Grown-ish, America's Next Top Model, and Access Hollywood, where she supervised the hairstyling of each cast member. She also worked on the pilot episode of ABC's hit series How to Get Away with Murder, where she styled leading lady and award-winning actress Viola Davis. Earlier in her career she also worked on White Men Can’t Jump, starring Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson.

Nena also worked with talent across the entertainment industry, including Selena Gomez, Tiffany Haddish, Will Ferrell, and Zendaya.

Throughout her time in the industry, Nena captivated talent, audiences, and executives with her confident execution of mesmerizing hairstyles and wide range of creative design capabilities. Nena's talent allowed her to create eye-catching masterpieces regardless of hair type, length, texture, or color.